News Sponsor Ade Neaves as he Runs London Landmarks Half Marathon for the British Heart Foundation Sponsor Ade Neaves as he Runs London Landmarks Half Marathon for the British Heart Foundation


Report by Ian Lockyer
2018-01-01 20:50:05

Sponsor Ade Neaves as he Runs London Landmarks Half Marathon for the British Heart Foundation

Our club is blessed with so many wonderful individuals who are so warm and caring.  I suspect we all take it for granted that we are all such a happy bunch.  Among our group are so many special people and none more so than Ade Neaves who has been with the club for two years now and is one of the thoughtful yet funniest people you could hope to meet.  His story is remarkable, and that’s why I would like you all to support him by sponsoring him as he runs London Landmarks Half Marathon for the British Heart Foundation.

Ade takes up the story… 

‘When I saw this new half marathon, I thought it would be a great opportunity to run in London and raise money for the British Heart Foundation. My cardiologist has told me that half marathon is my limit so I will never be able to run the London Marathon like so many of my club members.’

‘Obviously, I suffered from heart failure as a result of a motorbike accident some time ago.  Through the years, I’ve been made aware of The British Heart Foundation, the research they do, also helping to fund my Cardiologist through his training, I was surprised to learn how many Children are born with Heart defects, only recently you may have seen the baby girl born with her heart outside her chest.’

‘I’ve had several examinations on my heart, one of which measures the hearts output, this is called the ejection fraction rate, a healthy heart pumps at around 70% mine is running at 30% this affects the heart's ability to pump blood around the body.’

‘After being fitted with a defibrillator, I lost some weight, I was around 16 stone at the time, I also wanted to get fit, so my heart could be in its best possible shape.’

‘I love being outdoors, so thought about ways of getting fit, I’ve never been one for the gym.  I started running; I had a circuit of 1:5 miles, this I did every overnight, walk-running until gradually I could run it all.  After I had been running for about a year, I was persuaded to do a Park Run, this I did, and kept running about twice a week, but only 3 miles.’

A friend of mine suggested I join Thanet Road Runners, I thought, there was no way in the world I could join an Athletics club!  A few weeks passed, and I decided to go along, I was introduced to Sharon Foster, I joined her group, I found this to be very friendly and helpful, I carried on in this group until I was told I could join Steve Clarke’s group which runs at a slightly faster pace.  Not long after running with this group, I was regularly running Monday’s, Fridays and Sundays, the Sunday group being one and a half hours meant I could increase my distance.’

‘Steve Clarke persuaded me to enter my first race; this was the Folkestone 10 miler, the feeling I got when I crossed the finish line was so satisfying, I’ve now become an addict!’

‘Since the first race, two years ago, I’ve entered many more, Steve Clarke ran with me to pace me for my first half Marathon at Paddock Wood earlier this year.’

‘I’ve found that running not only makes me feel better physically, it’s also the best medicine for your mental wellbeing, giving me the confidence to do things I’d never thought I was capable of.’

So come on guys, let’s get behind Ade and a great charity.  You can sponsor him by visiting his Just Giving Page at

On behalf of everyone at the club, good luck with your training, fundraising and the run. 



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