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Report by Richard Allan
2018-07-20 15:49:53

Canterbury East Kent Road Relay and Presentation

East Kent Road Relays – Canterbury

The final leg of the road relays series took us to Canterbury two Tuesdays ago where we had a good turnout with teams in most of the age categories for both the men’s and ladies’ teams.

The weather was kind to us with what was almost perfect running conditionsof sunshine, 19°C and what seemed like a relatively gentle breeze. The course (~2.4 miles) was changed subtly from previous years, to remove some of the repetition of running up and down the parallel hills and instead taking on a loop on a trail parallel to the Great Stour to make up the distance. The start of the race took the runners up and out of the Victoria Memorial Recreation Ground and around the corner to start the descent down Rheims Way, this was a very welcome downhill section to build up some speed and then around through a park and out on the trail and back. Unfortunately, when running, what goes down must go up again and the second mile of the race involved running back up Rheims Way, including a particularly disheartening part coming through, then up and out of a pedestrian tunnel. The final part of the race was back onto the Recreation Ground so the grass and slight downhill felt very welcome, especially as the finish line was in sight…

As the runners were coming towards and across the finish line it was clear we had given it our all and raced very hard for this final relay race. Some great photos taken by David Carr as the runners were heading towards the finish line absolutely emphasised this…

Many thanks for being our team photographer throughout the relay series this year David and for sharing these great photos with us on the TRAC Facebook page.

Once again, looking through the results, the runners from TRAC had a strong run and clearly worked hard to get the well-deserved great times. There were notablystrong performances from the men’s V60 team finishing second and the ladies’ Senior and V35 teams third in their categories.

It was very good to welcome a first-time racer to the team; Paul Brackenborough ran a strong leg as part of the men’s V40 team, well done Paul, hopefully this will be the first of many races wearing the TRAC vest! As usual the encouragement of team mates during the races helped a lot, especially for the final sprint to the finish where we had a good crowd gathered. Hopefully all the runners enjoyed both the running and supporting their team mates again.

After the races had finished, the picnic began with the TRAC racers bringing all sorts of healthy items to share; ok so maybe not quite so healthy sausages, pizza, crisps, cake etc., we are runners after all! So, as we happily refuelled, the race organisers totted up the results across the relay series and the presentations began. Particular congratulations are due to the Men’s V60 team and the Ladies Senior team who both finished 2nd in their categories for the overall series.

This was the final leg of the relays for this Summer so the series are now over until next year; we hope that those that took part enjoyed themselves and strongly encourage those that didn’t run this year to give it a try next year. The relays are open to all runners, no matter how fast or otherwise you might think you are, the more runners we have, the more teams that we can field and the more TRAC runners we have to cheer on. The relay races are a great way of working on your speed and seeing how you have progressed from the first to the last of the relays over the Summer, remember it isn’t all about racing others (although this can be fun and very satisfying) it is also about racing yourself! We will be reminding everyone of the relays as they are approaching next Summer to ensure as many people that want to take part can do; in the meantime, please feel free to speak with Richard Purton or Claire Greenaway, the team captains or anyone else that took part if you want to hear more about the relays.


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