News If TRAC did Hawaiian nights....... Well they do! If TRAC did Hawaiian nights....... Well they do!


Report by Richard Purton
2018-08-31 09:39:29

If TRAC did Hawaiian nights....... Well they do!

I could have written a few lines to say how good our annual Hawaiian night was last Friday and to try to entice you to next years event or even the Halloween night in October, but it would not have been a patch on this post which I have shamelessly and without permission ripped from Pete Heaths Facebook profile. Once you have read this literary masterpiece you will never miss another club event again.

Make a hot drink or a protein shake, grab a dictionary, sit down, kickback and enjoy.


Regular readers of my occasional posts (both of you) will know that it takes something special to provoke me into committing finger to keyboard.
How do you organise the perfect Hawaiian night? Well - you could hire a private jet and fly everyone to Maui for the weekend, rent a private beach and party the weekend away. However, working on the pessimistic but inevitability that no one in TRAC has scooped the Euromillions recently (I won a lucky dip free go but strangely it wasn't the life changing experience I'd hoped for), so the redoubtable team of Hermitage Greenaway and Greenaway combined to provide us with a magnificent UK based Hawaiian evening instead. It was the first time (in my experience) that this annual event has been staged privately and what a fab affair it was. Untrammeled by not having to run the gauntlet of Ramsgate Harbour on a busy Friday night, the costumes were even more magnificent than normal. there was an exotic display of wildly colourful grass skirts and shapely legs; and the girls looked marvelous too!! It's probably not that well known but the Hawaiian Islands get 153 days with rain each year, so it seemed fitting that we should venture out in a suitably damp August evening. Our enticing display of colourful runners certainly made an impression on the customers of some of the Birchington drinking establishments. Anyone looking out on a damp cool August evening and seeing 20 or so grass skirted runners ambling past would probably be wondering who had spiked their drink.
The caterers had done us proud, and in true TRAC style (a plague of locusts springs to mind, but that's possibly unfair on the locust population) we were all piling in the calories that we'd expended out on the run.
Small amounts of alcohol were apparently taken by some individuals, although for my part I can't remember seeing too much of that kind of behavior, we are toned athletes after all.
The Greenaways had promised (threatened) games, and sure enough despite the inclement weather Clare rounded us all up into teams, and Tim, who surely is a must for lead presenter should the BBC ever bring back "It's a Knock Out", took over proceedings as organiser/referee. And so the games began. There were all manner of things to do involving hula hoops, balloons, ex GPO Mail sacks and eggs!! People of a nervous disposition may be reading this so I won't go into too much detail - the parties responsible for the more lairy episodes know who they are, mentioning no names -Jeffreys, Neave, Clarke etc. The competitive nature of TRAC'ies ensured that the various races were fought out (sometimes literally) in a spirit of alcohol fueled intensity that would have done the Olympics proud (and my team won! - allegedly).
No one wanted to go home, but as 18 for sale signs had gone up outside Tim and Clare's neighbours houses during the course of the evening we thought that we should bring proceedings to a close.
Well done Julia, Tim and Clare for an unforgettable evening.

Pete Heath



Thanks also go to you Pete for very kindly providing the champagne and to who I think we will claim as our club photographer David Carr. Thank you both.


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