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Report by Richard Purton
2018-11-20 16:07:13

Club Champs Update

The club championships 2018 are currently being added up. There is still time to submit your fastest marathon. It must be a proper measured marathon event.

If you entered any of the club champ races but not in the name of the club you will need to let us know as you will not have been picked out of the results.

Please e-mail with marathon and race results to Richard the Men's Captain.


At the last club meeting the club championships for 2019 were discussed. The committee is seeking the opinion of the club members.


The committee proposes 3 options.


1.       Use the Kent Grand Prix as we are at present with marathon of individual’s choice.

2.       The committee to choose with the aid of club members a varied list of races for the year.

3.       Use the Kent Grand Prix as we are at present with marathon of individual’s choice and have one race of the committee’s choice locally.


This will be decided at the next committee meeting. If you have any opinions on the above please could you email your captains Claire and Richard.   


The full list for the Kent Championships have not been announced yet. We are aware that the first one is the Canterbury 10 and this will feature as a club and Kent Championship race.


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