News Julia Hermitage to Run the London Marathon to Raise Money for Brain Tumour Research Julia Hermitage to Run the London Marathon to Raise Money for Brain Tumour Research


Report by Ian Lockyer
2015-03-02 18:53:02

Julia Hermitage to Run the London Marathon to Raise Money for Brain Tumour Research

Julia Hermitage is running the 2015 Virgin London Marathon to raise money for Brain Tumour Research.  This will be Julia’s fourth London marathon (her seventh marathon in total) and she will be running for this cause as a member of her family has been receiving treatment for a brain tumour since she was just 8 months old. 

Julia takes up the story, ‘Of all the worthy charities that could be chosen, why have I selected this one? Let me tell you a little bit about Orla, who is 3 years old. Orla was diagnosed at 10 months with a grade 4 malignant brain tumour called a Glioblastoma Multiforme. Unfortunately there is no cure for this type of cancer currently. Due to her tumour Orla suffers from intense pain an suffers from epilepsy and has severe Tonic Clonic seizures. She has suffered 2 horrific brain haemorrhages, the second of which left her completely paralysed, she lost all her words and memory and had to re-learn everything. She has physiotherapy to help her learn how to walk. Her eyes are affected and she has double vision. She has had 6 operations on her brain and has been on chemotherapy almost continually for over 2 years. The list of ailments go on and on but throughout the 2 and a half years of torture she has remained such a happy child. Her steely determination shines through and she clearly has no intention of giving up her fight easily! She is an inspiration to us and all who know her.  

‘Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if no-one had to go through this? With more funding the research could find vital answers on how to treat or even cure this devastating condition.’

Julia added, ‘ Brain Tumour Research needs every penny they can get. Brain tumours kill more children and teenagers every year in the UK than anything else….anything….more than car accidents or leukaemia or drowning...anything. And more people under the age of 40 die of a brain tumour than any other cancer.  But unfortunately brain tumour research receives less than 1% of the annual spend on cancer research. I have absolutely no idea why. So I would love it if you would consider a donation to the vital cause.’

Everyone at the club wishes Julia every success with her training and fundraising.  To donate to this worthy cause, please visit her fundraising page:



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